Your Body in Harmony

From head and neck ache, shoulders and hands, plus lower back pain, hips and knees right down to your feet from babies to the elderly and all ages in between – I can help you. 

As an experienced and gentle osteopath and cranial osteopath who is also a musician and singer, I am here to ease your aches and pains – to put you and your body Back in Harmony: and I have been doing this for more than 30 years. 

I look at your whole body, how the different bit of you work together (or not), as well as the stresses and strains in your life – they are all part of your pain. 

My ground floor treatment room is in Downham, BR1 – there is easy street parking, and a ramp to the front door. 

For an appointment: text me or call me on 07535 350 343