Furnishings Studio

Furnishings Studio has been a member of Laptops and Lipsticks for six years.
The business has made numerous contacts and achieved loads of successful projects for clients and members of the group in their homes and places of work. Laptops and Lipsticks is a very proactive group of ladies in business and is perfect for Furnishings Studio represented by Josie Foster. We are all passionate about what we do and eager to help our colleagues in their fields of business too.

At Josie’s Furnishings Studio, we’ve been passionate about soft furnishings since 1981. During that time we’ve worked with customers in homes and offices across London and the South East.
Windows are one of the most exciting but challenging aspect for furnishing designers and our expertise in this area incorporates all varieties of blinds, curtains and shutters. In addition, we make other home furnishings including bespoke loose furniture covers, cushions and fabric headboards; all of which enable you to tie together your interior design schemes and put a unique stamp on your home.