January full of buzz with members and visitors

Our January meeting was full of buzz with members and visitors well rested after and ready for the New Year! The group welcomed yet another new member, Samantha Nemeth from Sycamore VA Services. We also welcomed visitors Karen Deulofeau, a fertility and pregnancy coach, Suzanne James, Caterer visiting our group for the first time. And then subbing for members that couldn’t make the meeting were Michelle Simpson a familiar face in the room as well as Steph Atkinson from Tutor Doctor, and all the way from Somerset!

Belinda from SE20 Magazine had the difficult task to award the ‘Best One Minute’ award this month. There was quite a few contenders but Charley from Short films London outdone herself by telling us the benefits of her business by using each letter of the phrase… HAPPY NEW YEAR.

The 10 minutes…

Out newest member Samantha Nemeth from Sycamore Virtual Assistant Services gave this months 10 minute presentation. Samantha gave us an insight into her day to day work life. With over 30 years experience and a wealth of knowledge Samantha explained the benefits of using a Virtual assistant for your business and the value Sycamore VA Services can add to your business. Samantha explained that you can use her services as a one off or on a monthly retainer.


  • Solicitor and one of the long standing members of the group, Adjoa Djan-Krofa has been in business for 10 years and thanked the group for being part of her business over the last 10 years and for all the support and business she has received from the group.
  • Nutrition and Fitness expert, Fiona is running a Time to Pause Zoom Workshop on Monday 17th January and will be sending the link to the group as many of the members are interested.
  • Business Coach, Jenni has an introduction for Lindie into care homes.
  • Magazine Publisher, Belinda thanked Lucy for a lovely candle
  • Web Developer, Alka thanked the group for all their recommendation on a local Facebook group.
  • Money Saving Expert, Kate thanked Fiona for the referral