Six new faces at July’s business networking meeting

It was the first business networking meeting of the holiday season.  But our members had done a great job at finding business women to sub for them.  So there were lots of new faces in the room.  We were delighted to welcome photographer Claire Ballard, online retailer Gemma Smith and pain relief coach, Julie Hopkins. Also, fertility coach, Karen Deulofeu ,  business centre manager  Mae Suharevics and removals expert  Toni.

This month’s best one minute was awarded to Julia from Truly Yours Holidays.   Julia’s emotional one minute showed just how much she cares about what she does and her customers.

As usual, the food was fabulous – something for everyone!

The 10 minutes…

Our July presentation was courtesy of our newest member – Kelly Denton from EHE Rare Cancer Charity (UK).

EHE is an ultra-rare cancer that predominantly affects young women. Together with a small group of independent foundations in other countries, the charity connects EHE patients globally through social media while also raising funds and driving critical research into EHE, seeking to develop new treatments that can control and ultimately cure EHE.

Kelly spoke very movingly about her own involvement following her daughter’s diagnosis.

Laptops and Lipstick will be working with Kelly and the charity over the next year to raise funds for this worthy cause.


  • Dominique from Tutor Doctor wants to talk to parents keen to avoid summer learning for their children.
  • Helen from Grugeon Reynolds reminded us all about submitting our tax returns if we haven’t already done so.
  • Charley from Short Films thanked Belinda for an introduction to Penge BID