No April showers at this business networking. But there was chocolate!

Our April business networking meeting kicked off with Lindie back in the chair. We welcomed lots of visitors including Chantal Forbes, Charlotte Thackeray, Claire Ballard, Emma Shepherd, Kelly Denton and Tanya Patrick.

Over lunch we discussed our ideal clients. This was very useful and it made us think how we can help each other and suggest how to reach our goals in finding our ideal clients.

It was great to get some feedback from visitors this month and we thought we’d share it:

” I really did have a good time at April’s meeting. It was so nice to be in a room full of great women talking about their businesses with passion. To be honest, it was just lovely being in a room full of brilliant women!” Charlotte Thackeray, Southey Brewery.

‘I absolutely loved it. A really good networking event and so well co-ordinated. I really felt the support in the room. That is the power of women I guess,’ Emma Shepherd, Let’s Talk Disability.

But the big news was that, after a brief absence, the chocolate mints were back!  It really is the little things 🙂


The 10 Minutes…

Osteopath, Christina Raven, took us down memory lane and told the group how she got into osteopathy.

Christina has vast experience in the field and explained that she works with all age groups from babies to older people, people with old scars to those recovering from accidents.

Christina has been practising osteopathy for 32 years and also revealed that many years ago she used to busk in London!

Best 60 seconds award…

Kate Thompson was awarded the best one minute award last month, and decided the trophy had to go to our newest member Suzanne James for telling us about all her mouthwatering treats and cocktails!