Farewell Zoom, we’re heading back in the room!

Empty table set for lunch
There was quite the end of term atmosphere at May’s Laptops and Lipstick business networking meeting.  We are keeping our fingers crossed but the plan is to revert to face to face meetings next month so this was hopefully our last online outing.

It has been fantastic to be able to keep in touch through lockdowns one, two and three.  And we’ve certainly had our eyes opened to the convenience and time management benefits of Zoom (other video calling apps are available!).  But we’re looking forward to being in the same room next month and to the luxury of talking without having to take ourselves off mute first!  And to eating a meal out – I hope we all remember our table manners!

The 10 minutes…

It was great to hear from our newest member, Osteopath Christina Raven, this month.

Christina’s practice is called Your Body in Harmony, with the musical reference being a nod to her other passion – singing!

Christina told us all about how she came to be an Osteopath and it’s quite a story!  Suffice to say that she feels that her own experience of pain, and of being a patient, has given her an insight that she can bring to her work.

She gave us some top tips for avoiding poor posture when looking at our phones and working on laptops.  She also got us on our feet for a couple of stretches that are well worth incorporating into the working day.

At her treatment room in Anerley, Christina helps patients with all sorts of problems using traditional and cranial osteopathy.


  • As holidays become a possibility, Julia from Truly Yours Holidays reminded us that she is both ABTA and ABTOL protected and that her services are free.
  • Lindie from Zulu Graphix highlighted the possibility of umbrellas as a promotional gift.  As she pointed out, it does rain on 133 days a year on average in the UK!!
  • Kate thanked Jo from Mortgage Confidence for her assistance.