Christmas Business networking in Beckenham

It was Christmas networking but not as we’ve known it before.  Despite having to meet on Zoom, the members of Laptops and Lipstick made it a meeting to remember.

The Laptops and Lipstick elves visited everyone in the run up to the meeting to deliver a goody bag with some fizz, chocolates, festive accessories and a couple of quizzes. And a very merry time was had by all!

Always look on the bright side…

For the last meeting of the year we decided we’d share what had gone well in 2020 while we enjoyed our Christmas goody bags! Yes, it meant we had to dig deep – it hasn’t been the easiest time for businesses  – but it was lovely to end the year on a positive note:

  • Coach, Jenni Hallam, was pleased to have mastered working and presenting on Zoom (other platforms are available!).  We all agreed that being forced to embrace technology has been a good thing.
  • Maria from the HR Dept has been frantically busy as you might expect.  But she has enjoyed being able to work from her (relatively new) home in Norfolk and get to know the area.
  • Alex from Therapia said that 2020 has certainly taught her resilience and to believe in the value of what she offers as all of her clients came back to her after lockdown



Getting to know us…

We had great fun with two quizzes  – Name the Baby and Match the Fact.  We know the members are a talented bunch but it was interesting to find out about some of their hidden claims to fame.  In our group we have:

  •  A black belt in karate
  • A Miss Piggy impersonator
  • A Molluscophobic
  • An exhibited artist
  • A direct descendent of King Henry III

If you want to find out more then you’ll have to come and visit one of our meetings!