Business networking at the Bridge House

Alka wins the monthly awardIt was back to our second home – the Bridge House in Penge-for our November business networking meeting.  It was a vibrant and lively affair, well attended by members and visitors alike. Great to see VA, Sam Nemeth and Interior Designer. Lucy Brown back for second visits.  Also to meet Pilates teacher, Helen Vasser, Graphic Designer, Jane Redgrave, Artist, Claire Kinsella, Artificial Flower expert Claire Duffield, and Photographer, Claire Ballard. Claire Ballard assures us that the collective noun for Claires is a brilliance!!

As always, the Bridge House food was fabulous. And there is certainly lots of it!  We’re so grateful to the team for coming to our rescue when we found ourselves temporarily venue-less.

Alka Bagga from Critical Mission Computing was a very well deserving and popular winner of the ‘Best One Minute’ award. She encouraged us all to use what remains of 2021 to reflect on our websites and offered a free audit,  All while bringing some beautiful Diwali light to proceedings!

The 10 minutes…

This months 10 minutes was presented by Fiona Coppard from SMART Nutrition and Fitness. Fiona is a nutrition, fitness and third age expert. She gave us a whistlestop tour through menopause, the symptoms it brings and how we can try to ease them.

Thankfully this topic is now getting a little more airtime after being taboo for many years. But, as Fiona points out, it affects everyone – whether directly or indirectly! And the better informed we are, the more we can do to ease our journey through this period of our lives.

Fiona’s breadth of knowledge is amazing and she offers one to one sessions on Zoom or face to face for people wanting to find out more about how to cope with their specific symptoms.


  • Therapist, Alex, from Therapia spoke about ear candles. This fascinating treatment is great for helping with problems such as buzzing, unbalanced ear pressure and hearing loss.
  • Osteopath Christina Raven thanked Alex for a referral
  • Coach and qualified hypnotherapist, Jenni Hallam,  is currently looking for guinea pigs to feedback on some hypnotherapy downloads.
  • Mortgage advisor, Jo Jingree, reminded us that from 2025 all residential rental property will need to have an EPC of A or B. She’s keen to talk to landlords looking to remortgage to address issues such as insulation, double glazing or perhaps swapping out boilers for heat pumps.
  • Rosa sang the praises of Jenni’s vision board workshop and recommended it highly.