8th January 2020

We started 2020 with a bang.  And a bumper meeting!  Ten guests joined the regular members for business networking in Beckenham to tell us what they do and find out more about the group.

We welcomed Charley from Short Films, Debbie from The Address , Denise from Damsonbelle and Julie from Julie Rose Recruitment,

Also, Sam from Oven Sheen, Victoria Chaney from Victoria Chaney Makeup, Jackie from High Street Centre, Katrina from Summerfield Admin Services.

And finally, Sabiha who works with our Solicitor Adjoa at Pishon Gold and prospective property developer Rosemary Deans.  Phew!

The winner of the ‘Best 60 seconds’ award was our resident Solicitor.  Adjoa had us chuckling with her suggestion that the new year might be a good time to review our Wills.  In case we wanted to exclude anyone who’d annoyed us over Christmas!!

All in all, a fabulous session of business networking in Beckenham.

The 10 minutes…

What better way to start the year than by hearing from Fiona Coppard from SMART Nutrition and Fitness?

Fi took the opportunity of Veganuary to tell us about the benefits of a mainly plant based diet.  It was great to hear about alternative protein sources and, best of all, she brought home made snacks!  Delicious ones too!

And in a typically supportive gesture, Alka stepped in to help us see Fi’s lovingly prepared slides when the technology failed us!  Teamwork in action at our business networking in Beckenham.

Quote of the month…

“Well all the glitter has gone and that might have left things looking a little dreary.” Josie from Furnishings Studio was spot on that things might need a little brightening post Christmas.


Karen from Grugeon Reynolds thanked Emma for her referral.

Jo from Mortgage Confidence reminded us about her free 30 minute consultation for anyone thinking of getting a mortgage or wanting to review existing arrangements.

Maria from HR Dept passed a referral to Karen and gave a testimonial for Jackie at the High Street Centre for being so helpful and generally fabulous!