12th September 2018

Great meeting in a different venue for us – Langley Park Golf Club.  We were slightly thrown by the logistics of passing the business cards across three round tables but it was a lovely setting and wonderful food.

A couple of new faces in the shape of Forever Living Consultant, Miranda Hillier and Vicky Croton from Semaphore PR.  Alex Gwimmel from Therapia and Acupuncturist Sue Mason were both back for second visits and Natalie Reilly was standing in for Michelle from Chartwell Cancer Trust.

We had a great presentation from our Solicitor, Adjoa Djan-Krofa, from Pishion Gold.  Pishon Gold is growing and also receiving recognition for their very good work as they are now officially a CQS (Conveyancing Quality Scheme) accredited Practice.  As always, Adjoa found amusing ways to remind us why we should all not only have a Will, but also review it regularly.

Quote of the Month?

“I’ve brought you all a bar of chocolate from Ghana,” Adjoa J

We were all still buoyed up (!) from our fantastic day at the Dragon Boat Festival raising funds for our charity, Chartwell Cancer Trust.  We set ourselves an ambitious fundraising target of £3000 and Chartwell kindly gave us a certificate to mark progress to date.  But we’re women of our word so the fundraising page is still open for donations.  And we hope to report full success by next month.


Ally from Stonelock Photography is running a pop up headshots session in Croydon on 10th October.  More here.

Jo Jingree from Maytree Mortgages is offering mortgage reviews to those affected by recent rate changes

Lynda Hudson had a very positive testimonial for Josie from Furnishings Studio

Rakhee Wood from Throgmorton thanked Maria for an introduction to Sutton Networking