Laptops & Lipstick

Laptops and Lipstick was formed in 2011 to provide women in business with a regular, structured and motivational forum for business and personal development.

It was started by a small group of likeminded woman who recognised the potential for combining structured networking with relevant training topics and inspirational speakers, providing womenwho are passionate about what they do with a platform from which to grow - both personally and professionally.

There's no pressure to pass leads or make referrals; the focus is on forging long terms relationships with others in the room so that the members of the group effectively become a second sales force working on behalf of your company.

And it works! Relationships are formed, leads are passed, introductions are made and business is done. In addition, knowledge is shared, support is given, skills are learnt and motivation is all around!

In 2012, on our first birthday, we introduced an annual charity membership to be offered free of charge to a local organisation for 12 months. During this time we will commit to support their events and to organise an event of our own to raise awareness and funds. Our chosen charity for 2016/17 is The Chartwell Cancer Trust.

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